Participation management

This data space builds upon the role model as provided in the iSHARE Trust Framework:

  • The roles are defined here

  • The functional requirements per role here

The following operational processes are relevant to participation management:

The iSHARE Trust Framework provides generic onboarding procedures, but each data space is free to define operational requirements for onboarding, participating and reporting in the data space beyond the base layer provided by the Trust Framework.

DSSC Description

This building block aims to focus on governance processes and identify key elements relevant to participants in data spaces. It explains who the participants are and how participation, including onboarding and offboarding, is enabled and organised. Some risks of not managing participation include data governance challenges, inadequate access control, reduced collaboration, and a lack of alignment with organisational goals. However, the participation management building block contains various relationships with other building blocks such as access & usage policies and enforcement, contractual framework, organisational form and governance authority, regulatory compliance, identity management, and data space intermediary. Key elements of the participation management building block include onboarding and offboarding procedures, defining data space participant roles and categories, establishing common rules, access and use policies, and making critical design decisions about participation, participant categories, inclusive governance mechanisms, data sovereignty, and security measures.

Overall, the Participation Management building block provides a comprehensive framework for the efficient and secure engagement of participants in data spaces, emphasising the need for clear rules, inclusive governance, and adherence to regulatory compliance.

The complete description is available here.

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