Data, services & offerings descriptions

This topic is not covered in the iSHARE Trust Framework. The data space is free to define agreements or remove this section.

DSSC Description

The Data, Services, and Offerings Descriptions building block provides technical guidance for describing resources, including datasets and services, exchanged within a data space between providers and recipients. It's important to note that the term 'services' here refers specifically to technical services related to data, distinct from business services which are outside the scope of this block. Descriptions of data and data services are crucial for informed decision-making by recipients. Providers use metadata to create understandable descriptions for both humans and machine agents. Metadata records are utilized in developing data catalogues for publishing and discovering datasets and services. Figure 1 illustrates an end-to-end functional scenario involving the main elements of this block, including resources and the involved parties, primarily providers and recipients.

The complete description is available here.

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