Publication & discovery

iSHARE provides a framework for the discovery of:

  1. (Data) Services. All participants providing services must provide a /capabilities endpoint, as defined in the developer documentation. This endpoint provides information on the available iSHARE service offerings.

  2. Participants of a data space. Participants of a data space are discoverable through the /parties endpoint of any iSHARE Satellite.

  3. Data spaces. Data spaces are discoverable through the /dataspaces endpoint of any iSHARE Satellite.

This topic is partly covered in the iSHARE Trust Framework. The data space is free to define supplemental agreements or specifications. On top of the DSSC building block on publication & discovery, in the iSHARE Data space framework the topics data space discovery and participant discovery were added.

DSSC Description

The purpose of the publication and discovery building block is to provision and discover metadata of data, services and offerings in a data space, i.e. their formal descriptions as explained in more detail in Data, Services and Offerings Descriptions. Descriptions of offerings are published by a provider and stored inside a catalogue, where the provider is responsible for managing their lifecycle, from when they are published to when they are removed. After publication, consumers can query the available offerings inside the catalogue and find (i.e. discover) best-match offerings.

The complete description is available here.

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