Identity & attestation management

This data space uses iSHARE principles on identity management. In particular these principles are defined here:

On the technical side the following pages are relevant:

Summarised, the data space relies on the iSHARE governance to select eID Providers are to be used. These providers will provide IDs for legal entities and humans. Identity Providers authenticate humans representing legal entities.

DSSC Description

The reliability of information is a foundational element in building trust among participants in a data space and supporting its growth.

Based on a data space’s governance, mandatory information provided on the relevant entities must be verifiable to enable the onboarding and offboarding processes. The trustworthiness of information is linked to the trustworthiness of the Trust Anchors (or Trust Service Providers, specifically for identities), who are entitled to issue the respective attestations.

In particular, W3C standards and Qualified Electronic Attestation of Attributes provided by Qualified Trust Service Providers following eIDAS Regulation are leveraged.

The complete description is available here.

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