Designed on basis of the iSHARE Trust Framework 2.0

This data space is designed on the basis of the iSHARE Trust Framework. The complete iSHARE Trust Framework is to be considered applicable. Any deviations from the framework are explicitly highlighted in these pages. Pages in this framework contain links to specific parts of the iSHARE Trust Framework if relevant. These pages contain more agreements than there are present in the iSHARE Trust Framework, since the iSHARE Trust Framework covers only some of the data space building blocks that are described in these pages.

This documentation has been aligned with iSHARE Trust Framework 2.0. New releases of the framework are processed as follows:

  1. iSHARE Foundation updates the framework to a new version. Changes are recorded in the release notes.

  2. iSHARE Foundation reviews and updates the iSHARE Data space Template to align with changes in the iSHARE Trust Framework.

  3. This data space reviews the changes in the framework and the changes in the dataspace template and produces a new version of the dataspace documentation.

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