Organisational governance & governance authority

The dataspace governing body takes part in the governance of the iSHARE Trust Framework in order to influence the development of the iSHARE Trust Framework, so that it's applicability to this dataspace is ensured. Representatives take part in the following governance bodies:

  • Supervisory Board

  • Council Of Participants

  • Change Advisory Board

The iSHARE Trust Framework provides flexibility for dataspaces to define their governance and the iSHARE governance framework can be used as a template for defining dataspace governance. The iSHARE Trust Framework recognises the role of Dataspace Governance Body (formerly iSHARE Satellite), which comes with responsibilities regarding participant management and would form a logical centerpoint in defining the dataspace governance.

DSSC Description

This building block encompasses key decision-making points for the effective establishment and operation of a data space, namely the determination of an organisation's form and the establishment of a data space, the creation of a data space governance framework and the creation of a governance authority. Organisational form (or legal form) refers to the type of legal entity a data space may assume. A data space governance framework is a set of internal rules and policies applicable to all data space participants. A governance authority refers to bodies of a data space that are composed of and by data space participants responsible for developing and maintaining as well as operating and enforcing the established governance framework. The role of a governance authority entails various functions, such as setting internal rules and policies, ensuring compliance with internal and external rules, and resolving conflicts that may arise. A governance authority also creates mechanisms for continuous improvement of the data space, identity management, access controls and risk mitigation to build trust and quality within the data space. Overall, the governance authority maintains and operationalises the governance framework necessary for the successful operation of the data space.

Determining the organisational form and establishing the governance authority should be completed before the data space enters the operational phase. At least in the most essential parts, the governance framework should be created in parallel to support the functioning of the new data space. The organisational form, type of governance authority, and role may evolve over time due to the scaling up of the data space or the assumption of new functions. Larger data spaces may have a more complex organisational structure and establish various bodies, such as working groups or committees, within the data space to fulfil specific tasks.

The complete description is available here.

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